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The master of anti-age treatments since 1985, Valmont perpetuates the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics with incomparably efficient care treatments giving immediate, long-lasting results. Valmont care treatments find their source in Switzerland’s pure and protected environment. Their exceptional quality is the fruit of a subtle alliance of alpine ingredients and advanced scientific expertise.

valmont products


The nobility of natural ingredients meets the magic of science. L’Elixir des Glaciers reveals the skin’s beauty with exceptional sensory skincare products. Precious collection smoothes and beautifies the complexion thanks to glacial water and plant extracts from Switzerland, along with Triple DNA. Majestic collection nourishes and repairs with soothing ingredients borrowed from the hive: honey, propolis and royal jelly. Essence of Gold Sturgeon – Marvelous collection combines precious sturgeon DNA with a cocktail of potent minerals to regenerate and illuminate the skin.

Kataryna’s Top 5 Favorites!!

valmont elixir

L’Elixir Des Glaciers – Teint Majestueux

From the L’Elixir Des Glaciers Collection. Teint Majestueux, the satin glow, anti-aging foundation that perfectly catches the light to enhance even the dullest complexions. 1 oz. Made in Japan.


A foundation inspired by the Essence of Bees complex for a bright, silky finish. The Essence of Bees complex soothes, heals and hydration, while the Triple DNA and Liposome RNA offer strong anti-aging action. The skin glows with health and light, adorned with a delicate, silky veil. Available in five hues: Porcelaine in Kyoto, Ivory in Shanghai, Natural Sand in Malta, Sandy Beige in Paris, Amber Beige in Florence.

valmont elixir

L’Elixir Des Glaciers – Votre Visage Face Cream

As an icon of contemporary luxury, this cream packs in the best of Valmont laboratory’s anti-aging expertise.

Its fine, silky cream texture offers a radiant complexion overnight.
A velvet caress that smooths, firms and tones skin, visibly hydrating and regenerating it.
Skin beams with unbeatable youth and freshness.

The ultimate care for all skin types.

valmont prime renewing pack

Prime Renewing Pack

The Photoshop effect by Valmont!
An essential skincare icon, this cream mask erases signs of fatigue by refreshing the complexion and filling in wrinkles in just minutes.

Valmont’s worldwide best seller, with one jar sold every two minutes.

With a fine, cream-like texture, the Prime Renewing Pack mask erases signs of aging, fatigue and fine lines in just minutes. It fights wrinkles and signs of aging while refreshing the complexion.
Skin appears radiant, the complexion smoothed, wrinkles diminished and texture refined.

This clever mask adapts to all skin types and all uses. It can be used as a single-use treatment, a daily balancing ritual, or a progressive regulator for mature skin.

valmont elixir

Valmont Cure Majestueusex

This jellified water irradiates skin from within. It diffuses the light born from cellular stimulation, boosted by sturgeon DNA and marine minerals.

The first essence from l’Elixir des Glaciers, this liquid immediately seeps into all layers of the skin, releasing its regenerating action.
Infused with 3 marine minerals, it revives radiance and boosts the anti-aging benefits of sturgeon DNA.
A true cosmetic innovation, this ultra-fine formula is rapidly absorbed into the skin. It illuminates from the inside, visibly refining the skin’s texture and boosting its radiance.
Suitable for all skin types, particularly those lacking radiance.

valmont elixir

Valmont Cure Majestueusex Votre Visage

With its luxurious texture, Cure Majestueuse delivers the performance of a powerful serum with the unique experience of an oil. Luxurious and lightweight, this golden oil is packed with restorative omegas and powerful antioxidants that melt into the skin to make it feel healthy, nourished, and repaired.

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