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Hair Regrowth Treatment

A single micro-needling treatment, which can be done either to help restore hair growth or prevent further hair loss, typically takes about thirty minutes. Usually six to eight sessions are necessary in order to achieve the best possible results.

Duration: 30 min
Price: 350$

Hair Regrowth Treatment

The use of a micro-needle has a lot of advantages. Basically, micro-needling is performed to stimulate the collagen in the skin. When performed on the scalp, this leads to a rush of nutrients and healing agents to the hair follicles, which in combination with mesotherapy products for hair, leads to highly effective results. When performed on the scalp, micro-needling encourages hair follicles to transition into the actively growing state, just like platelet rich plasma therapy, but without the need to take any blood from the patient. Instead, the micro-needling procedure allows us to inject a customized blend of active ngredients into the deeper layers of the skin, where they can directly affect the hair follicles.

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